July 2019

It’s been an intense and exciting time around here. I actually don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on a musical project that I’ve loved so much.

Two years ago, this germ of an idea grew and became the new album, “The Girl and the Cat”. I conceived its theme to include the noted Matangi Quartet from the Netherlands, with whom I’d previously performed, and for whom I’d co-created the string arrangements, with LA composer, Stefanie Fife. We recorded the quartet in the Netherlands, and the rest was recorded in California. The overall style is a classical/crossover –with me on piano and guitar, Brian Kilgore on timpani and percussion, Matt Chamberlain on drums, Trey Henry on upright bass, Jaap Kwakman 3JS on additional acoustic guitar, and Jeff Driskill on woodwinds. It is mixed by the legendary Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Darcy Proper at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum.

And now, it’s set to come out on September 6th, both in the U.S. on Drive On Records, and in Europe, on Butler Records/Bertus. Along with its release, there is now a tour, beginning with Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall on October 4th. The Matangi Quartet from the Netherlands, will be joining me in New York. I’m also going to be accompanied by New York based bassist, Brian Holtz, and percussionist, Mike Perdue. It’s my second concert at Carnegie, and I’m so looking forward to playing there again. The following day, we are all hopping on a plane back to the Netherlands to begin a tour that will begin on October 7th at the esteemed Concertgebouw. I will be joined by Matangi, Denise Brand, Marijn van Prooijen, Tijmen Huisingh, Tom Pritchard , and special guest, Jaap Kwakman 3JS. Six more concerts will follow on its heels- four with the quartet, and three with just Denise, myself, and Tijmen on violin, in a more intimate setting.

Lastly, I’ve teamed up with Bucklesweet.com, a public relations company, and am looking forward to sharing both my story and my music.

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