July 2015

What a week— what a month! Beginning with the television show on Omroep West on to a live recording and video at in Belgium where the 3JS and I performed our new song, “A Piece Of Me” accompanied by the Red Limo Quartet (arranged by Tom Bakker for Wilfried van Baelen’s 2015 Auro SD Disc… (

Lori Lieberman and the 3JS at Galaxy Studios in Belgium

Then off to Rotterdam for Ronald van Oudheusden’ s Live Uit Lloyd radio show with my dear friends and collaborators, Yori Swart and Stevie Ann for a live performance.

Yori Swart, Lori Lieberman, Ronald van Oudheusden, Stevie Ann at Live Uit Lloyd

A nice lunch break with my buddy, collaborator and great artist, Ruben Hein in the Vondelpark…

And a true highlight for me was performing with my old friend, Henny Vrienten, for the nightly TV show, Jinek, where we performed our song, “He Sings” which I wrote from his “Hij Zingt Omdat- I Het Niet” for my upcoming CD.

Lori Lieberman and Henny Vrienten

Then at the beautiful Caprera Bloemendaal with the 3JS and guest artist, Ellen ten Damme

Lori Lieberman, Jan Dulles, Ellen ten Damme

The crowd at the concert with the 3JS at Caprera Bloemendaal

Lori Lieberman and the 3JS at Caprera Bloemendaal

Lori Lieberman and Jan Dulles in concert

…and finally (phew!), the concert I put together with AT Bookings at the Theater Diligentia in The Hague- an evening of women and collaborations, called “West Coast Café” featuring Celine Cairo, Leoni Jansen, Yori Swart, Sandra van Nieuwland and Stevie Ann…

From left, Yori Swart, Sandra van Nieuwland, Lori Lieberman, Stevie Ann, Celine Cairo, Leoni Jansen-at soundcheck for “West Coast Café’”.

Backstage at “West Coast Café’” with Yori Swart, Leoni Jansen, Sandra van Nieuwland, Lori Lieberman, Celine Cairo and Stevie Ann.

I have just now completed my 17th CD- “Ready For The Storm” which features nearly all of the above artists… mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Grammy award winning Darcy Proper at Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands… to be released in October…

On to the Grammy Museum omeon October 10th in LA- hope to see you there!

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