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Ter promotie van haar onlangs verschenen album Bend Like Steel was Lori Lieberman een aantal weken geleden in ons land. Voor Lori was dit tevens een uitgelezen kans om voor het eerst in 40 jaar haar oude vriend Henny Vrienten weer eens te ontmoeten.

‘In 1975 I came to the Netherlands to do a series of concerts and performed at theaters throughout the country.  On that tour, I met Henny Vrienten, with whom I established a brief but close friendship. I remember visiting him at his home in Tilburg, and though we promised to stay in touch, life’s distractions got in the way, and we lost touch. For myself, I went on to record LPs to CDs (and most recently, back to vinyl—ahh, the roundness of things!), raised two sons and a daughter, and V2 Records, Benelux, has just released my fourteenth CD, Bend Like Steel.

Throughout the years, I thought of Henny often. Of course I had become aware of his daunting success with the band, Doe Maar, but mostly it was his compositions for film, his award winning music for the musical, “Petticoat”, coupled with his unbelievable knowledge of classical music, arranging for the orchestra, that made me want to reconnect with him so much. A few weeks ago, nearly forty years later, thatwish became a reality, when I once again, spent time with my old friend’. – Lori Lieberman

Netherlands News and Vinyl Release

To promote the release of “Bend Like Steel”, Lori Lieberman’s new CD, on V2 Records, Benelux, Lori will be in Amsterdam for the week of October 23rd to 30th . If you’re in the area, catch her on the T.V. show, “Koffietijd” on October 28th, 10-11:00, Friday morning.

Celine Cairo, a wonderful artist in the Netherlands, whose song, “Got Me Good” along with her EP was just #1 on iTunes, will be joining Lori as her special guest for her December concerts! Performing her own songs as well as coming up for a duet with Lori, read more about Celine at

December Concerts:

Acoustic Sounds is proud to announce the release of “Gun Metal Sky” and “Bend Like Steel” on 200 gram vinyl.
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