Who You Are

Who You Are

Lori Lieberman

Who you are, you’ll never know
Till you’ve got nothing left
And you’re all alone
And you’re staring out at that open road

Sometimes you’ll wish that you never left
The same girl you were the day that you left
That was then…

Good-bye is all you told him
Good-bye, it’s so hard
But you’ve got to find out
Who you are…

So you stumble down like a tumbleweed
On a restless plain, on a desert street
And you never felt so scared and so free

And all you’ll see is a stranger’s eyes
And all you’ll hear is a stranger’s lies
And all you’ll ever ask for
You’ll never get…

And good-bye is all he’ll tell you
And he’ll drive in his car
And he thinks he knows who you are

So you walk down that highway
You talk and you talk
You cry till you’re cried out
You fall and you get up again
And again…

And who you were, you’d never know
Till you had nothing left and you were all alone
So you headed out for that broken road

The hardest thing, so hard to find
For a restless heart is peace of mind
They said you’re just not that kind

And good-bye is all you told them
Good-bye, it’s so hard
But you’ve got to find out
You’ve got to find out
Who you are…