Takes Courage

Takes Courage

Lori Lieberman

Takes courage, it takes a lot
To trust someone, to give your heart
To hold on, to let it go
To walk away, to walk alone

A thousand trials in a single day
We’re humans in our human race
We stay, we leave
We rejoice, we grieve
We take a path when the road’s unclear
The ups and downs year after year
When we believe tomorrow comes we’ll start again

Courage, more than I thought
Not just medals of honor, Lancelot
Takes courage to face each day
To get lost in a storm and find your way home

We lose, we win
We give up, we give in
Take a path when the road’s unclear
Ups and downs year after year
Still we believe tomorrow comes, tomorrow comes

We’ll start again
Even though our hearts are breaking
Start again
When there are still more tears to cry
On and on this world will keep on turning
From a little light, comes a little light
Shine a little light

We jump out of airplanes
We run into buildings filled with flames
And hold on through hurricanes
And ask for courage, and pray for strength

A thousand days, a thousand trials
A thousand ways, a thousand miles
We let love in even if it hurts again and again
Walk away and say good-bye
Start again one more try
And we believe tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes

Take courage, take heart
Take courage, take heart
Give a little light, shine a little light
Take courage, take heart