Steady Heart

Steady Heart
Lori Lieberman

When you find it
You will know that it’s the one
You’ll know your search is done

Like a harbor
You will know it’s here to stay
No words you’ll need to say

It’s not easy to let it go
But hang on, steady heart
Love is around, love’s all around
Hang on, hopeful heart
Darkness is fading, there’s somebody waiting
For you

When you feel it
It’s because it’s really real
It just can’t be concealed
When you’re near it
Something’s changed from what it was
You’ll know it, just because

It’s not easy to let it show
But hang on steady heart…

Saturdays and holidays
Sunlight shining on your face
Suddenly the shadows fade and you are not alone—-

So hang on steady heart
Love is around, love is around
Hang on hopeful heart
Somebody’s waiting, somebody’s waiting for you