Lori Lieberman, Jet D’eau Music, BMI

Well the last time I saw you was so long ago
Dozens of highways, hundreds of roads
Hotels, motels, houses and homes
The last time I saw you, you shined so bright
Kept me awake night after night
I tried to forget you but looks like I lost that fight

So greetings Netherlands
It’s so good to see you again
A lifetime ago is like a minute or so
Forever Netherlands

Well the last time I saw you was in seventy-five
Vietnam ended, so many lives
And I was just a girl with stars in her eyes
Back to L.A. was my destiny
Two sons and a daughter, my life was complete
But there was something missing in me

So good-bye Netherlands
Never thought that I’d see you again
I said, “nothing can last, just a part of my past
To remember”, Netherlands…

The pilot announces our final descent
I look out the window in wonderment
And I know how things can change
But for me, I feel the same

So here’s to Netherlands
It’s a dream to see you again
Somebody shake me-
On second thought, don’t wake me
Here’s to Netherlands
Forever Netherlands