My Sister’s Boyfriend

My Sister’s Boyfriend
L. Lieberman

My sister’s boyfriend never knew
He was the one I looked up to
While every other boy at school
Was breaking hearts and acting cool

My sister’s boyfriend held her hand
They walked so close in Switzerland
Where we grew up, Americans
Just foreigners who knew nothing then

As we walked down our mountainside
We learned that Martin Luther died
Geneva seemed so far away
From all the sorrow in the States

A life can change
Une vie qui change
A heart can tremble
Un coeur qui tremble, tremble

My sister’s boyfriend had a smile
That lit the darkest road for miles
Some day I’d find someone like this
I used to reassure myself

Just after graduation day
He left some things and moved away
To Illinois from Switzerland
From sheltering snow to Vietnam

Geneva couldn’t keep us safe
From war and loss, from fear and pain
When we got word in Switzerland
Our mountaintops, they turned to sand

Une vie qui change
Un coeur qui tremble, tremble
Une vie qui change
Un coeur qui tremble, tremble

I see them now, their senior prom
My sister smiling on his arm
Her corsage and his boutonniere
Like king and queen, a perfect pair