If Not Now When

If Not Now When

Lori Lieberman, Jet D’eau Music, BMI

If not today
If not now when
How long must I wait
How long can I pretend
And never say what needs to be said
If not now when

The price I paid
The reasons I gave
Tomorrow I’ll be strong
But tomorrow never came
So here I am
If not today
I don’t know when

And if I let this moment fade
There’s no one else but me to blame
For sitting down and holding back
Whose story on my epitaph
If not now when

If not now when
It’s time to admit
Can’t wait for the day
When all the pieces fit
And if the truth should bring you pain
A raging storm that cause these walls to break

I did my best to hide away
And still it haunts me every day
My weakened heart you could depend
My silence was your loyal friend
But not today…

Tomorrow I’ll be stronger
Can’t hold out any longer
Can’t say it doesn’t matter
Even if this glass should shatter…

If not today
If not today
If not now when…