For More

For More

Lori Lieberman, Jet D’eau Music, BMI

Oh baby when you bring me down so hard
I toss your gold chain across my floor
And put your picture face down in my drawer
And count my needs and cry to you for more

I wish I could move like an ocean wave
And maybe baby you’d want me more
Times I think if I move like wave
You’d feel my needs, you’d feel my needs
And cry to me for more, for more
And cry to me for more

You get me so near to the top then you stop
And let me fall right back again
So I throw the dirt on me, pull the darkness down
And hide my soul in a hole in the ground
In the ground

Oh baby put your soft hand on my face
I know I could run this road alone
But put your soft hand right here on my face
And be my friend, just be my friend
And I won’t ask for more, for more
And I won’t ask for more