I didn’t fall in love with you
I didn’t fall, I didn’t fall
I chose you
I chose you
I looked for you, I searched for you, I
hurt for you
Moved earth for you
Love, love

And you were not an accident
A rambling, random incident
Where stars aligned
The cosmos shined
The cloud forms wrestled in time
To find us
To bind us
No, we were born of darkness
In the basement, in a cellar
Where we held on to each other
We held on to
Our love

And I will make it right for you
And you will make it up to me
But things are hidden from our view
Elephants are in the room
There’s more than me and you

Elephants are in the room

A windstorm blew
A surge moved through
Our house it crumbled, oak trees
Up in flames or washed away

Now’s our chance to fix what’s
Throw what’s damaged in the ocean
Can we finally put an end
To who we were and start again

Fall in love
Fall in love

And I will let it go for you
You will set it free for me
It’s the best that we can do
Elephants they hold the truth
We’re here, what’s gone is gone
Elephants are moving on
Elephants are moving on…