Cup Of Girl

Cup Of Girl

L. Lieberman, Jet D’eau Music, BMI

Well you take a cup of girl
Share a tablespoon of world
For some color don’t forget parental strife
Add an ounce of opportunity
And a touch of promiscuity
Let her simmer gently on an open fire
And watch her rise

Then you scrape away integrity
And you meddle with her sanity
When you bring her to a boil, lower the flame
Then you mix two parts dishonesty
With one part ingenuity
It’s a tried and trusted fool- proof recipe
For a singer who can’t speak

So you take a cup of girl
Hide a tablespoon of world
Add a German car for long hot summer nights
Where you’ll wipe a little dirt off
And take her little shirt off
And you earn her trust up on Mulholland Drive

Then you rifle through her diary
Write some words about her family
Write a song about the times you made her cry
Then you mix two parts absurdity
With one part ambiguity
Give her fountain pens for legal stuff to sign
For a singer who won’t mind

Time goes on
You thought it was gone
You never thought this road would unwind
And suddenly the lines converge
And the lanes, they merge
And you never thought she’d have the nerve…

So you broke this cup of girl
But she grew wiser in this world
And forgave herself so many different things
She knows truth is all that matters
And that greed just makes you fatter
And she’ll speak anytime she feels the need
Take your money, take your credit
Take your secrets along with it
You could take it all but not her memory
She has choices to choose with
And a voice and she will use it
She no longer rides a pendulum that swings
And she’ll sing….
She’ll sing
You take a cup of girl….